In order to help prevent tooth decay, a dental sealant may be recommended.  Dental sealants are an adjunct in the fight to prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay can start on any surface of the tooth; but most commonly starts on the chewing surface.

The chewing surface of the tooth has many deep grooves and fissures that are difficult to adequately clean.  These areas of the tooth can trap debris that along with plaque provide the food source for decay causing bacteria.  A dental sealant is a special composite coating that helps to seal these deep grooves and fissures thus acting as a protective barrier.

Dental sealants are very strong and can withstand the demanding environment of the mouth.  However, dental sealants can fail due to wear, or can be lost under normal function.  It is important that regular dental recare visits be continued so that dental sealants can be checked and repaired if necessary.