Dentistry for Children

Children's waiting area at Evan's Family DentalWe welcome children of all ages at Evans Family Dental. We recommend your child be seen by age 18 months and certainly no later than 24 months. This first visit is referred to a Happy Visit. We simply want your child to become familiar with the dental setting. Typically at this visit your child will sit in your lap or lay back in the chair on your lap so we can look in his or her mouth. We will count teeth and visually examine the mouth. If cooperative we may brush their teeth. We will not force anything, if your child is not ready at this time we will try again in a few months time.

Older children, between ages 3-5, will begin to have radiographs taken of their teeth and have regular cleanings. They will then continue with a regular 6 month recare.

Dr. Evans will provide as much care for your child as possible. Please understand in some cases of uncooperative children, highly anxious children, severely decayed teeth, or multiple decayed teeth, Dr. Evans may decide to refer your child to a pediatric dentist. This type of dentist specializes in dental treatment for children. Dr. Evans wants your child to have very positive dental experiences. Thus he may recommend this referral to ensure an efficient and positive experience for your child. If you wish for your child to be cared for exclusively by a pediatric dentist, Dr. Evans will be happy to supply a referral.