At times, for a variety of reasons, a tooth may need to be removed from the mouth. This procedure is referred to as an extraction.
Indications for extraction include but are not limited to:

Severely damaged, non-restorable tooth resulting from but not limited to decay, fracture, severe periodontal disease, trauma, or wear
Orthodontic purposes to increase available space so teeth can be moved into the proper position
Some patients that are undergoing chemotherapy or head and neck radiation therapy
Some patients that will undergo organ transplant may need some or all teeth extracted to aid in the reduction of potential infection due to the use immunosuppressant drugs
Wisdom teeth, or third molars, will at times need to be extracted due to being impacted (stuck in the jaw or gums), or an inability to be adequately cleaned

Dr. Evans will always try to care for your needs in office, but may recommend a referral to an oral surgeon in some cases.